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Swap skills with people who can make your dreams & aspirations a reality

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We all have an idea, a dream, an ambition. Society tells us you can't.

They say: "it's too hard, it's too expensive, you don't have the experience."

you do - you just need a little help

Whether that's to DJ at a famous nightclub, start your own design agency, photograph the North Pole or make a film about Peruvian mud wrestling. Find people who can make it all happen now, for free!

"I had an idea to write a fun kid's cookbook that would incorporate fun, scrummy & easy recipes. I needed help with design, publishing, editing and photography. WEPUL gave me all of that and also put me in touch with mums and their fab recipes."

Emma - Cookbook writer - London

" Over the last 3 weeks, I learned to roller skate in Dubai Marina with Andy, Salsa Dance with Ludmilla in JBR, get basic golf and squash lessons with Dieter and learned 3 chords on the guitar and a melody on the piano with Helena. And it didn't cost me a buck."

Carlo - MMA Instructor - Dubai